Progression- Unit 11

PART ONE- Understanding Progression Routes
Regents- Screenwriting and Producing

This course will push and help me to develop skills of which would be needed to get into screenwriting, and sharing content with people outside of the classroom.

BA (Hons) Film at Bournemouth University

This course will help me gain skills that’ll be helpful within all areas of media and explore other areas to create a wider understanding of production.

Goldsmiths- English and Media Course BA

This course will help me develop my knowledge of media and become more educated within my writing and strengthen my abilities.

Bristol University- Film and English BA

This course will give me the opportunity to undertake placement within the creative industry and give me the knowledge I need to analyze and explore the history of film and english and this course is closer to home.

University of East London- Creative and Professional Writing BA

This course will give me the experience I need to get into writing and allow me to explore different areas of media within journalism and writing itself.


Work experience with bbc seems like a great opportunity to mix with like minded individuals and more on hands work in an creative industry.

BBC Production

This apprenticeship will allow me to be more practical whilst learning aswell as being based in the creative industry whilst still gaining the skills required for further studies/ work within media.


What does creativity mean to me? Well that’s easy, creativity is taking ones unique perception and developing it so one can understand. It’s a form of expression, envisioning life and manifesting your mind to reality. ‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up’ – Pablo Picasso. We grow in a culture that discourages creativity and compels society to believe that artistic ability is rare. We strive from our imagination but keep it hidden away like partially lost pieces of a huge mosaic.

I’ve become increasingly aware of how the industry influences culture and I have found myself analysing how the television portrays the world we live in and writing about subjects to give out my own interpretation on our surroundings. I have always been enthusiastic about the art of film and the power of visual impact, there is many reasons behind my love for art which ranges from self-expression to awareness. It has captivated me in early childhood, grown from a simple interest of mine to day to day living.

My main interests within media is screenwriting and videography, my enthusiasm for these types of media from a perspective of a consumer has allowed me to find my own style, take on my own inspirations, and has enabled me to learn the more practical elements of screenwriting. At college I have been privileged to meet like minded individuals and have undertook many exciting projects that has helped me develop my production skills and wider understanding of film, of which has opened my eyes to film interpretation and the productions approach.

One of my greatest strengths is my vivid imagination, being fortunate enough to be able to create a whole new world and characters channeling my internal need for communication. Last year I had produced a poetic short film which is centered on an individual who suffers with autism that goes on a path of self discovery. This was to create awareness of the spectrum and to show how stigma portrays these day to day experiences of someone with ASD. Developing this product has been beneficial to me as it opened up a higher range of possibilities within film making and developing a storyline to influence emotional appeal.

I am currently writing a script which is a psychological thriller, of a married couple that has been experiencing some relationship issues which had lead to an unexpected turn. I am introducing an character arc in this script to see the inner journey of the main character over the course of the storyline and see their transformations in response to the change of dialogue.

I work as a waiter, bartender, porter and help out cooking in a Thai cuisine restaurant, even though this job is not related to the course I want to study at university, I believe it has taught me many valuable skills that I use everyday. This establishment has made it possible to communicate with other individuals where there may be a language barrier in place, working in a set time scale, working as a team and more importantly under pressure. Personally, I think these skills will help me immensely within further studies and I feel as I would be able to collaborate well with group work.

In further studies, I hope to mix with like minded individuals collaborating our work creatively producing a product of which I can learn from and explore different areas within film production and screenwriting. I hope to find connections whom I can bounce off with ideas within my writing and gain more experience.


Before I had began this progressions brief, I was unsure about what route of film I wanted to go for in my future studies. Doing this task it has made me realise that doing a BA course within screenwriting and film production and then progress into an MA course would be suited better for me. I had also had a look at some apprenticeships that I could possibly go for and there was many that had caught my eye and had interested me but I had decided that further education would be a much better path to take to benefit within film and writing, this may open more doors within the industry after I have undertook these courses.

PART TWO- Personal Professional Practice
PP1- Visual Poetry

Camera composition and editing is going to be a key element in this task to help me learn how the manipulate the visuals to create a montage of which is affective. I have chosen to do this to strengthen my weaker points of film production to learn to challenge myself.

This visual poetic product is a short video of where I am going to be capturing shots of rural locations to explore the power of visual impact, creating a montage of clips of nature in a poetic rhythm.

I am quite disappointed in my result as I was lacking of equipment and recourses to help me capture what I had previously pictured. The footage I had originally had for this project I had lost on a memory card which had broken and I could not get access to another camera to redo the footage so it had resulted in me using my phone to film instead which lacks in quality.

I unfortunately had no access to Final Cut Pro whilst studying from home so I had to edit this using iMovie on my iPhone.


In this project, I am to strengthen some areas of media of which would be writing and producing a product. I have decided that I am going to be producing an opening to a psychological thriller short film- approximately 3 minutes long, based on a central relationship between a married couple that do not fit in the typical gender stereotypes in a couple- and their obsessive neighbour.

Finding the right actors and locations for this to be produced is important as I want to manipulate the visuals as much as I can and create a mind pulling storyline for an opening of a film. I have chosen to do this product because my favorite genre is Psychological Thriller and I would like some practice within screenwriting to improve at my weaker points.

I am pleased with the outcome of the script I have produced and the storyline I have created. I feel as I could have put a little more detail into the meeting at the bar and less on the voice overs. I am hoping to develop a second draft, third, fourth and then a fifth until I am satisfied with character outlines and finding the right actors/actresses so I can film this product and I wish to capture society’s stereotypes on gender roles in relationships.


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