Animation- Unit 9

PART ONE- Experiments in Animation


Doing this type of animation, taking pictures frame by frame in a sequence to create movement was sometimes a quite time consuming. Although, I did enjoy doing this because I thought it was cute watching the little dog move around and it was fun seeing the outcome.

I feel as doing stop motion has taught me how to be patient with animation and how much time and effort will have to go into creating something like this. I would like to do try this time of animation again.


I had chosen to practice using flip book animation because I thought it would be quite fun to create something with more movement and more effective than stop motion but I was dreading the hand drawn part a little as I am not confident with my drawing skills but with practice it may improve. I feel as this type of animation has helped me develop my drawing skills a little and work on how to make a little story within the drawings. Although, I don’t really want to try this again as I hate drawing.

PART TWO- Analyse ONE form of Animation

Corpse Bride is a stop motion animated film that has great quality graphic work and fitting low key lighting. They have used a 3 point lighting system in this animation to keep it low key as possible as having too much light would ruin the idea and setting of the film. I like this because using these techniques will give off the dark and gothic vibe they aimed to so if it weren’t low key it may have made the whole film feel disjointed and off.

In the trailer for this film we can already notice from the start how dominant low key lighting is in this animation. The shot at the end where we see a close up of Emily’s face, this was very effective because she does has small facial expression alteration and the light was very focused on her face at the beginning making her look powerful and confident.

There is a combination of both cool and warm computed lights introduced in this and this is to create a more dramatic affect with the use of distortion of colors. In this scene, the warmer shades of green and blue are shone form different direction s onto the skeletons.

The setting of this movie is in a small secluded town, dark and reeks of despair. The characters make up is used to make them look tired looking with an Victorian era fashion. Most of the camera makes in this were mostly shot from a lower angle and was given a very gothic feel, with the colour schemes dark and paired with the music.

My Animation

Animation form/type: Stop motion

In my narrative there won’t be much of a storyline I have decided to create a stop motion to capture just a basic food animation of toast being made.

Contributor release: this isn’t necessary because this is based on food and doesn’t include any characters or other crew members.

I had found this project fun to produce, although at times it was quite tedious and took a lot of patience to complete. I feel as my weaker sides in animating which I would like to work on in the future is my drawing and my patience with doing frame by frame shots to create movement. I feel as I’ve I had used better framing and lighting it would have made the shits look a lot more professional and visually pleasing.

I had not completed enough pre production documents which has let me down throughout production and I am going to be learning from this for my FMP, this has been very beneficial to me as it has helped me develop more skills within areas I had not used before which will help me when I’m doing my last project for the course.

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